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Medical Hiatus

May 31, 2019

We continue to be on hiatus while Isa fully recovers from major surgery.

We will be exhibiting several new collections by Isabeau Grey very soon, 
so be sure to check in over the upcoming weeks.

Lastly, we are vey happy to share the news with you that our beloved jewelry line of wearable art and history is returning over the 2019 Christmas Season with some exciting and new additions. 
It is all so beautiful and we are excited to show it to you!

In the meantime, we are behind the scenes making magic... just at a slower pace right now.
See you very soon..



New Year -- New Beauty! Come and Get Your Love!

Happiest of New Years to you!
Today, we have begun uploading new beauties from our latest collection in the WHITE SECTION.
Starting with the smalls -- these little powerhouses of beauty are available now.
We will continue loading in the bigger pieces throughout the week.

Smaller in stature than our larger pieces, but just as magical and powerful in beauty.
Pieces from our Diminutive Collection are beautiful alone, grouped or peppered into any of our collections. We love a cluster of these little powerhouses of beauty on a coffee table, in a mantle vignette, as part of a bookshelf display, on a bedside table - the possibilities are endless.

Greyfreth Cross Bottles

Shop the bottles HERE.

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering 'it will be happier'...”
― Alfred Lord Tennyson


Treasures of the Deep

Whispering century old secrets and telling their stories through breathtaking patina, these shipwreck bottles lay hidden away at the bottom of the sea for over 100 years before being discovered by treasure hunters. They are now an element in artwork and part of this stunning collection in the shipwreck series by Isabeau Grey.

Greyfreth Cross Bottles

Shop the available bottles


Fiery Beauty

Élégant in its simplicity,
fiery in its refraction and
sacred within its adornment.

Greyfreth Cross Bottles
Framed out in heavy, organically sculpted, weathered solder, a fiery cross of leaded crystal catches and refracts an amazing amount of light - throwing a confetti of color in all directions. The rusty solder picks up the tones in the earthy, yet ethereal patina within the paneled bottle. Subtle flashes of iridescence within the patina complement the refracted light of the crystals. Antique rosary beads, worn from decades of prayer adorn the neck of the unearthed bottle and feature a century old French religious medal of sterling silver which adds an additional element of grace to this one of a kind piece of art.

This one of a kind piece made with time honored technique and fragments of history
can be seen and purchased