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The SIrens are SInging...

The Sirens are singing their hauntingly beautiful song....
Alluring, dark, lovely- sea life pieces and shell bottles are making their way from our studio by the sea to the site daily. The cheerful classic shell bottles, as well.
See them HERE.

Spend some of your weekend checking in with us to peruse the beauty as it is added in our SEALIFE SECTION.


Fresh Catch! More New Shell Bottles Are Up!

The mysterious and ethereal beauty from the sea - a siren's song in its own right.

More new sea life bottles have been added to the Sea Life Section.
See them HERE.

Happy Friday!


Hello, Summer!

From our studio by the sea --New Shell Bottles are up and more are coming.

frefrim the studio -- These lovely Keepsakes of Summer were added today. See the individual listings in the Sealife Section.


Ethereal Sea Life Objets: Sealife and Shells on Antique Silver

The mysterious beauty from the deep sea coupled with cool silver that is weathered and worn - is there any better combination? We think not.

These petite powerhouses of silver and sea have just been uploaded to our Sea Life Section. See them HERE.

Tomorrow -- shell bottles.
Hello, Summer.