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Incoming Beauty

Our latest collection is coming out of our studio and is currently being released online. We will be continuously adding pieces until the entire collection is uploaded. Be sure to check in often to claim your favorites...
because just like the season, they will quickly be gone.

This morning these pretties were added in our Sea Life and White Cross Bottle Collections.

Greyfreth Cross Bottles

Greyfreth Antique Shell Bottles

More to follow...


Petite Powerhouses of Beauty:Sealife & Silver

All the magic and ethereal beauty of our Grande pieces from our Nightsea Collection in petite form.
Small in stature, but immensely powerful in presence and beauty

Pieces from our NIGHTSEA COLLECTION: The Petites make a statement alone and are stunning en masse. We love these clustered on a coffee table, in a mantle vignette (especially beautiful with greens during the holidays!) part of a bookshelf display, on a bedside table - the possibilities are endless.

Shop the pieces HERE
We are beginning to settle into our new loft and we will be releasing new collections regularly now in our sealife and cross bottle sections so, check back often to claim your favorites.

Thank you for all the emails and messages - I truly, truly appreciate them all. I will be getting back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience and grace during a very long and extremely difficult time.... Glad to be able to say, the future looks bright and I am happy to be back doing what I love.

The Nightsea Collection by Isabeau Grey
Reminiscent of pale, luminescent sea life under crystalline stars and the silvery light of the moon -- Crystal embellished, beautiful white sea life is forever bound in organically sculpted metalwork to antique silver pedestals, bottles and fragments of history - beautifully weathered and will grow even more lovely with time.


Incoming Beauty

Pieces from our NIGHTSEA Collection by Isabeau Grey are out of our studio, once again available and currently being uploaded in our SEA LIFE SECTION. We have added a few beauties and will be adding additional pieces throughout this evening and tomorrow.

Greyfreth Sealife and Silver Objets of Beauty
Reminiscent of pale, luminescent sea life under crystalline stars and the silvery light of the moon -- Crystal embellished, beautiful white sea life are forever bound in rustic solder to antique silver pedestals and bottles - beautifully weathered and will grow more lovely as time goes by.

For the upcoming Holidays they are perfect for tabletop beauty, on a mantle dressed in cedar or as a gift for someone special. Check back often and we are back and will be bringing in beauty from our studio almost daily.



Newly Added Ethereal Beauty...

Weathered and worn, mysterious and chic...

Greyfreth Shell Bottles

New and gorgeous pieces have just been released from our design studio by the sea.
See them HERE.