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Newly Added Ethereal Beauty...

Weathered and worn, mysterious and chic...

Greyfreth Shell Bottles

New and gorgeous pieces have just been released from our design studio by the sea.
See them HERE.


The Mysterious Beauty of the Sea - New Pieces Just Added.

These beautiful pieces are fresh out of our design studio by the sea and are
now available in our Sea Life Collection.
These beauties are now available in our SEA LIFE COLLECTION and can be seen HERE.

We are mesmerized and truly fascinated by the mysterious beauty possessed by relics of the sea...

Such interesting and beautiful texture, tones and patterns -- each unique and different from the other. Truly pieces of natural art.

We found the most exquiste bottles for them to crown - perfect matches and offer them with love, from our design studio by the sea to you.

A few dozen more pieces will be released tomorrow. Be sure to claim your favorites, because like the fleeting summer, they will be gone before you know it.


Newly Added Keepsakes of Summer

New, beautiful Keepsakes of Summer 
have just been loaded into our Gifts From the Sea Collection.

See them H E R E. hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly 
into the mystic..."
--Van Morrison



Slight delay in the release of the new sealife pieces...

Monday update on the Sealife upload - we ran into some minor technical issues last night and it is now looking like the new pieces will be up online early this afternoon (Pacific Time), so please check vack later today. We apologize for the wait.


Creating Summer Memories

Lovely keepsakes of summer are being designed and created in our studio by the sea.They will be available online beginning tonight.
See them this evening in our Sealife Collections

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My soul is full of longing
of the secrets of the sea...

--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Phoenix Rising.

We're back.

Most pieces of all of our Collections have been
---S O L D---
We are currently restocking.


Our latest collections of Cross Bottles and Sealife Sculpures will be coming out of our studio and released online shortly. Be sure to check in often over the next several days to claim your favorites... because, as you know, just like the fleeting summer, they will quickly be gone.

We are also catching up on some long overdue pieces. Hang in there and thank you for your fierce loyalty.