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New Santos Dolls

I am excited to let you know that there is a new collection of Santos and Santos Cage Dolls featured in our Maison section of Greyfreth!

Gorgeous, hand-carved and hand painted wooden reproductions of Antiques that were used in Spain, Portugal and Mexico during religious processions. Mementos such as flowers, cards and keepsakes were placed in the 'cage' portion of the doll to honor the person for whom the procession was held.

These beautiful dolls, which can be pre-purchased now, and are currently making their way across the Atlantic ocean (literally on the boat) and our importer has graciously agreed to ship them directly from their warehouse so you can get them faster rather than waiting for them to be shipped to us from NY and then out to you. December 22 is the expected date of shipping, so if you are ordering them for Christmas, let your lucky recipient know it may be arriving fashionably late.

Head over to Greyfreth Maison to see the entire selection of these new beautiful dolls - you're going to want more than just a few!

...and don't miss out on the liquidation sale of our current cross bottles! They will no longer be available after Friday, December 11th!

xo Isa

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