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Climbing out from the Mountain of Pretties

With the whirlwind of the Holidays beginning to fade, family returning to their own corners of the world, and the shop settling into the post season groove, I have finally found some time to begin attacking the mountain of beautiful things around here which, due to the shortage of time during the Holidays, I, unfortunately wasn't able to start unpacking, photographing and getting up online until now.

Oh, but wait until you see these beauties .... Let's start with the Maison section of Greyfreth -- I have a gorgeous shipment of European Grain sacks that are enormous and oh so beautiful. Both the antique grain sacks and the fun combination of antiques sacks with "new" print of authentic and antique designs. I have decided to show each one individually, like the our Vintage Cross Bottles, instead of one group picture. More work for me, but it's fun, and you are worth every effort! I have finished photographing them and will have them up this afternoon, so be sure to stop by and see them later today here.

Some beautiful antique dough bowls came in and they will be up, too - maybe tomorrow, but very soon. You can see parts of one that I used as a prop in these photos (filled with my first attempt at drying my hydrangeas blossoms from this past Spring and Summer at my house!)

The light was amazing this morning and I didn't waste any time taking full advantage of it - I shot many, many photos - and with the thousands of crystals around here - the light show was incredible.

I hope you are having a wonderful day, and be sure to peek into all areas of the shop in the coming week -- lots and lots of things are on their way in.

xo Isa

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