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2 if by sea....

Vroom. Another week has flown by. My birthday came and went - 40 is closer and closer, but I have decided that I will never let it in. That is the wish that hovered over my twinkling candles upon my beautiful birthday cake... I will celebrate my 39th birthday again next year and every year from now on. Yep. Sounds like a plan.

I have been heavily focused on the sea this week -- tourist season officially begins on Saturday -- my little quiet beach life turns into something else -- nice in its own way, but noisy and crowded nonetheless. So I turn to the quiet beauty found in the depth of my beloved sea...

A sneak peak of a few of the many things I've just made which are making their way to the Greyfreth Collection of Sea Life and sculptures throughout the weekend ahead....

Lovely seafans imbued in the gorgeous hues that hide under the sea.

Here's to a lovely weekend for us all.
xo Isa

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