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The White Rabbit and I...

seem to always be running behind schedule and singing our theme song of
"I'm late, I'm late..."

We have just been slammed with the good and the not so good around here - the effects of all the outrageous storms, flooding and the economy have come to the front and center here at Greyfreth. The boats don't ship without full cargo, the pallets don't get loaded until they are filled, and the freight trucks don't move until they, too, are filled to capacity.

As a result - things are taking longer, but worth the wait. ...until the storms damaged an entire pallet of wood items. Yep - an entire shipment of my wings, breadboards,and some of the dough bowls - ruined. For those of you who have been waiting patiently - thank you for your patience and grace. It's been ... interesting, to say the least - and for a perfectionist like me - it's given me my first grey hairs. I hate delays.

In other news -- I have many things to upload and a truckload of new things should be arriving in the next week or so - so keep your eyes peeled for new beauties.

In cross bottle and sea life news - I just finished a huge order for a fabulous store that will be opening at the end of the month up in the big sky country. I couldn't be more excited, or love that store more if it were my own! Everything they are going to carry made my heart just stop -- magical, beautiful, and so unique. Once they are opened, I'll steer you in their direction!

Bottles from our Leather, Amber, and White collections.

I am going to be working this week on refilling the cross bottle and sea life shelves online. Thank you for being such wonderful customers and for all of your purchases. I'm racing to keep up! You are definitely keeping me on my toes.

Mixed Sea Life on Silver and Antique Seashell Bottles out of our Gifts from the Sea Collection.

xo Isa

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