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Dreams and Visions Take Time...

It has been quiet around here, and most especially in the Maison and Brocante sections, I know, but worry not -
I'm not asleep at the wheel...

All the while that my body was so sick, my mind was still dreaming away. I've been busy contemplating, creating and now that I'm feeling better - hunting for new dreamy items to bring you. I have to say I hit the mother lode in treasures, and over the next week gorgeous new things will be trickling into all sections and areas of the shop.

Speaking of shops - big changes are coming to my online world and I'm very excited about it, but for now mum's the word.... it's going to be a surprise.... In more shop news, I've been busy with a handful of new and gorgeous shops that I feel so honored to be working with. Their shelves are now filled with Greyfreth creations. More on this later.

I hope you are having a perfect weekend - doing exactly what you want and surrounded in beauty. Stay tuned...
xo Isa

1 comment:

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Isa
So sorry to hear you have been unwell.. I am so out of touch with blogging.. illness also and a house move and a temperamental internet..

Hope you are feeling better.. and can't wait to hear [and see] your shop news.. xxx Julie