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A sprinkling of treasures

Shop Update:

We just uploaded this group of cross bottles in the white section. They are available and if you click on the photo, it will take you directly to them.

We are still playing catch up over the corrupt photo file and reshooting and uploading as fast as we can -- here is how it looks like it's going to go:

Today -- we uploaded a group of small to medium white cross bottles already today and will be uploading more medium and large cross bottles there tomorrow and then again on Sunday, around the same time, both days. (Around 1pm) We are also uploading some sea life which will be available later this afternoon.

Tomorrow: We'll continue to load in some more mediums and possibly some large white cross bottles around 1pm, and more sea life in the late afternoon and evening. We will also begin uploading Amber and blue cross bottles.

Sunday it will be more of the same - adding to each section of the cross bottles and sea life. Sunday night and into Monday, we will be updating the Maison section, and will continue to add new items, including a sprinkling of holiday beauties in all sections all the way through to Christmas.

So, look to each section daily this weekend and every other day or so beginning next week and continuing until Christmas!

We will be shipping up through December 23, so there is plenty of time to get Greyfreth treasures to all of your loved ones!

Joy to all,

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