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New Goodies...

A few small beauties have been uploaded into the white cross bottle section and we will continue loading in more small, some new, beautiful, antique altar crucifixes, and some large crystal cross bottles over the weekend...

unless, of course,  we get flooded (again) or lose our electricity because of the storms, our current construction that is underway, or any of these other crazy, off the wall, circumstance that has been barreling down the pike here lately... (Auntie Em, auntie Emmmmmm!)

These lovely gifts from the sea are just out of the studio and freshly shelved in the Sea Life Section for you.

and I have some new and beautiful other surprises that are waiting their turn... along with the beauties in the maison section... so much to do, so little time!

xo Isa

1 comment:

Brooks Interior said...

Did you find the bottles or are they new and you tarnished them? I have 2 clients that have a wild collection of sea shells. This is a fabulous idea.
Thanks for sharing.