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Here they come.

Looks like, finally a clear path ahead (please don't let me just have jinxed myself!) - last week we had an unexpected visitor-turned resident come to the studio under the cloak of night and claim the corner behind my stack of wicker baskets and have kittens. You can read more about that adventure and what has kept us busy and very distracted HERE

Now that we have that under control and everyone is comfy and happy, we can get back on track --

I am starting a new section with reliquaries, old church finds, altar crosses, and things of that nature soon - but for the moment, I have parked some gorgeous blessing crosses in the white cross bottle section.

I spent a good deal of today loading in some small and medium white cross bottles -

I have made so many, but ran out of hours today. Tomorrow look for more mediums

and I'll move into the larges, and I have some gorgeous extra large ones, too - so, over the next few days, they will be pouring into the site.

Many things for the Maison section, I should get a few up tomorrow --

Tassels in two sizes...

Crowns, wings, baskets, bread boards ... well, you'll just have to come see.

Thanks for your patience.

xo Isa

1 comment:

Burlap Luxe said...

The bottles are so divine!!
They leave my in a clam soulful place.

Love all that you inspire.