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Magical Monday -- the play of shadow and light

I love coming into the studio early this time of year - the gentle sunlight of the morning spills in through the door and dances across the magnificent leaded crystal of the crosses that crown my works of art -

The dance of shadow and light begins so dramatically with the contrast of darkened studio and the single spray of direct sunlight from the door - I nestle into one of the chairs and for the next 15 minutes watch the magic unfold.

The spotlight of sun streaming in from the doorway begins retreating as the sun quickly rises in the east and the light makes its way towards the windows

- spilling onto the sea life, the urns, making its way across the desk...

and then explode into a confetti of color as it makes its way across the faceted surfaces of the cross bottles. What a beautiful way to start the day.

Magical, really.

These and more of our Isabeau Grey creations will be available and uploaded this weekend. ....along with some other stunning new pieces in the Maison section... I don't want to spoil the surpise, so I will leave it at that.
Happy Monday, all. xo

1 comment:

Helen said...

Dear Isa ... what a magical post!! Happy Monday.