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Sacred and Lovely

We are so busy behind the curtain and are so excited about what all is coming to Greyfreth.  All we can say is we think you are going to be very, very pleased.  Start peeking in more often, because this are going to gain momentum and trust us, you are not going to want to miss out on any of this.

For instance - by sometime tomorrow, we are releasing four more incredible creations of wearable inspirational as well as historical art. 

These breathtaking, one of a kind pieces featuring 19th century French Ex Votos, Meerschaums, fleur de lis bead caps handmade in a Monastery in France at the turn of the century, exceptionally beautiful pearls, paste, and so much soulful beauty, we can hardly stand it. These are larger, darker, and more substantial than previous pieces -- geared to the spirit of the season and the mystery, magic and inspirational beauty of the past.

Look for these on Sunday in our Jewelry Section HERE.

Stay tuned...

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