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In our home, we celebrate the 12 days of Christmas - our decorations, including our tree, go up after dinner on Christmas eve as part of our ritual tree trimming dinner party - and we celebrate for the next 12 days, ending on the Epiphany (or also known as All Kings Day) on January 6th. So, we are going to also celebrate with you by bringing new treasures to Greyfreth every day for 12 days in a row. You can find them in the Atelier de Noel section (which will be up through January 6th) or in the normal sections of the store.

Merry Christmas!

On this first day of Christmas and the third post of December, Greyfreth brought to me...

a new collection of jewelry featuring
3 necklaces laden with antique reliquaries and 1 congres marial ex voto!

See the new pieces HERE and HERE.


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