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Introducing the Cathedral Candlestick Collection

We are excited and pleased to introduce our latest expansion to the site --

The Cathedral Candlestick Collection.

We have searched the globe to find pieces that speak to us, complement the objets d'art from our studio, the other collections in the shop and embody the poetic beauty, the soulful feel that we are known for and all that we love.

We have listed around a dozen items today and have many, many more to pepper in as time goes on. Please be sure to check dimensions as the photos are not true to scale in relation to each other. The sizes range from just 18" to 54" tall.

If you find any glitches tonight please email us at We will be monitoring everything closely before moving on to the next pile of gorgeousness we have to show you.

Find the collection HERE  and  HERE.
Enjoy xo

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