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Sacred Beauty

GREYFRETH JEWLERY is anchored with the highest quality treasures from eras past: relics, icons, jewels, reliquaries, keepsakes, mementos -- sought out from the four corners of the world and everywhere in between. There is charm and a sense of mystery within their antique origins - tokens once exchanged with love, sacred objets that were held while promises were made, prayers were whispered over while hopes, secrets and perhaps a little treasure were kept within. These pieces of the past are mixed in with ancient stones, minerals and metals from deep within the earth. Using time honored traditions in metal work and jewelry making, we bring you one of a kind, wearable pieces of both art and history...pieces you will enjoy giving, or keeping, and loving for a lifetime.

One of the two new pieces being listed tomorrow.

Two antique ex voto pieces are being released tomorrow to the JEWELRY SECTION.
A beautiful start to the weekend ahead.

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