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Good News and Speedy Shipping

Our objects of Beauty from now on will get to you faster!
MUCH faster.

We are so pleased to announce that our online customers now have their very own shipping department & crew! No more waiting, no more online orders being in a line with the huge orders going to our retail stores/showroom clients - That's right - we have hired and trained a new and separate division and you, our online clients, now,officially, have your very own crew of 6 that will nothing but pack, ship out online orders, confirmations and tracking information.

Starting on Monday, all online orders will now ship within 24 - 48 hours from the day of purchase (depending on if it falls on a weekday, weekend or holiday and sometimes they will go out the same day!). This is a permanent change, not just for the holidays... Because we love you and you deserve the very best and certainly deserve faster shipping than you have been getting.

--credits and sources--
Mercury’s Winged Feet | Jardín Botánico,Buenos Aires | Photography by Ignacio

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