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Busy with the Blues

The UPS man brought more gorgeous goodies today - so I'm busy at work inventorying, pricing and photographing... I've temporarily shut down everything on the site other than the cross bottles for the next few days while I get the entire cross bottle inventory online, finish the FAQs, the shipping page and double-check all the navigation of the links. Feel free to peruse the Cross Bottle section as I work -- most of that is complete - check on the new sidebar navigation while you are there, and the new collages ...hopefully the rest of the site (maison, garden, and brocante) should be finished and live by the weekend. ... There are some fabulous new things being added there in celebration the new season, and also because maybe, by the weekend, I'll finally have time to put everything up! Bear with me. So much to do, so little time.

In the meantime, sink your teeth into these blue beauties. They will be up here by the end of the day. I also have new ambers and TONS of new whites that will all be up by tomorrow night here and here.
xo Isa

Mmm blue and white...


I love antique glass with that gorgeous patina ... so, so very much.

Makes my heart beat faster...

I would love this in my office window ... temptation, temptation. Someone beat me to it, please!

Tiny tots! Aren't they so cute?

That color is just beyond words.

Blue diamonds...

Blue garden of rosettes...

If you have to have the blues, these are definitely the sort to have!

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