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Magic being spun behind the curtain...

Crisp mornings, warm afternoons - rich sultry hues like no other time of year... My favorite season is knocking...

In online shop news -- I'm happy to say that a few of the cross bottle sections are fully stocked with new treasures, while several curtains are closed over in the home and garden sections as the season changes in the shop - New and gorgeous things are going up and the curtains will be thrown wide open by the weekend.

Online Shop Status:
Ambers: Up and running. Many, many new arrivals! Stunning for Fall.
Blues: The new gorgeous inventory is all up and selling out fast!
Whites: I'm in there behind the curtain uploading new inventory now - should be fully up and running by tonight.

Greyfreth Maison - closed until this weekend- so worth the wait!
Greyfreth Garden - closed until sometime this weekend- New gorgeous Fall items being put out!
Greyfreth Brocante - closed until Monday - while we get the new finds ready for you!

The last curtain call of summer...
Photos via Flickr

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