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Relics of the Seraphim

An angel, like a butterfly, knows it is a great privilege to fly
...even if only for a moment. -- unknown

I have a deep and profound love for certain ancient statues -- some I have seen with my own eyes, some through the eyes and lens of others.

The ones that speak to me are those forever frozen within a moment of grace and benevolence.

Such beauty with a hint of sadness - held to the earth by the weight of concrete - like fireflies trapped in a jar --

I always thought that many were just too beautiful to have come from imagination and as a child always wondered if there was indeed a gorgeous creature imprisoned within ... but knew that something of that amount of grace could never be held by anything of this earth - and so I romanticized that they would in their own time take to the heavens - leaving behind mementos of their time here.

via Greyfreth

Shedding their earthly costume - leaving behind treasures for those lucky enough to find them.

as seen in pottery barn

as seen in pottery barn

I was lucky enough to find them. You can be, too. These stunning carved and gilded wooden angel wings are reproductions of perfection mirroring their 19th century french antique model in 3 different sizes - from 18" to a glorious 8 feet tall. They are available online this week in the Maison section of Greyfreth and available for delivery in October.

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animal print gal said...

These Angel wings are just breathtaking! I absolutely love them, and yes you are blessed that you found them! I love angels and I am very connected with them!