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Something Old, Something New ...

If you've noticed the shelves are a little bare over in Cross Bottles - it's been very busy around here -- Over 100 bottles flew off our shelves this week! I received a shipment of white on whites and a small bit of colored cross bottles and .....some very special things that I will put up in their own section over the weekend!

Here's a little peek at the new things that I'm unpacking now:

If you are in the LA area out here in Southern California, head on over to Framm and Company located at 2667 Main Street in Santa Monica. (Cross street is Hill) They are carrying our bottles and not only have a gorgeous display of them, the shop is just magical! If you get up there, tell Framm and Lonnie I sent you!

Off I go to stock the white cross bottle pages - peek in over the weekend to see them and the new cross bottles!

Happy weekend!
xo Isa


vicki archer said...

You too and will do....xv

animal print gal said...

I just love these cross bottles! I would love to have a collection of them.