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Incoming Beauties

The skies are clearing, there is a beautiful sunset in the beginning stages over the ocean outside my window. The sun, albeit setting, is a welcome sight, indeed. The rains that have kept the sun at bay and flooded us here in Socali for the last 5 days are on their way out. If it is heading your way, I feel for you!

Speaking of beautiful things on the horizon - how about these gorgeous willow nesting baskets -- Based on the original antique English fishing basket these leather strapped beauties will be available mid February in the Maison section.

Also coming in are these huge and fabulous bread boards. I want several for my own kitchen.

Are you a round or rectangle sort? Or both?

We've uploaded an arm full of white cross bottles if you want to go over and take a peek.

They are stunning.

Back to the studio I go to get some more cross bottles to shoot and upload. Enjoy your evening!
xo Isa

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