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New, Sold out, and Cross Bottles and Sea Life shelves almost full.

I have some fabulous and heavy antique industrial steel baskets in the shop that were found in a closed down warehouse in Germany ... and they stack. There are only a dozen available at this time. The potential uses for these industrial beauties are endless. Right now I have a batch of dried hydrangeas in one and a mass of twinkle lights in another, and next to my antique table turned desk, files and papers are filling up a third basket .... I am sure I can find a dozen uses and end up keeping them all.
Save me from myself.

These stackable antique German industrial baskets will be available in the Maison section later today.

... and in the blink of an eye, these 2 Santos Dolls are SOLD OUT ... again.

We do, however, have the other santos cage dolls listed in Greyfreth Maison in stock and available. I placed another order for the 2 pictured, but they will not arrive in the States until approx. March 15th. If you would like to reserve one, please email us at

In other news, our Cross Bottles and Sea Life Bottles will be fully stocked over the weekend, so check back Monday for full shelves and new selections.

They go fast, too - so be sure not to let a favorite get away.

xo Isa

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