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Grey Beauties....

The rain has subsided and there is a distinct change in the air ... albeit not fully developed, it is still noticeable -- Spring is on her way. The air is a little softer and the sun, a little warmer. The intoxicating scent of Jasmine wafts along the sea breeze, intermingled with the newly flowering rosemary and buds of roses that are beginning to unfurl. It's beyond lovely.

With one foot still in the moody greys of winter and one foot and a full heart turned towards Spring, I found myself consumed with thoughs of the garden and the outdoors and with that, I shopped for the the most lovely combination of the fleeting winter and the coming of Spring --

Moody greys are washed over intricately carved wooden fleur de lis and fauna which frame the glass door of this lovely Escutcheon key frame cabinet. A perfect place to store my white coral and tiny antique books - what do you see storing there?

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous crosses that look to be ancient treasures found amid the ruins of some 11th century European Abbey... I want one for my mantle and one for my garden...

Or this lovely mirror, entwined in vines of sinuous iron foliage that has been treated to look like lovely patinaed copper... Can't you just see this hanging on a wall of creeping fig or ivy in a grotto where you have your morning coffee?

How about this beauty from the Coast of Amalfia -- a stunning reproduction of an 11th century Italian Cathedral relic - can you imagine a plethora of candles burning -- the soft candlelight reflected off the textured and aged mirrored metal -- how is that for some beautiful illumination over your next dinner party?

And then, of course, my love for Santos Cage Dolls didn't go denied - look at this beauty I found -- If I could purr, I would.

These and many other new treasures now available in the Maison Section -- and many more to come when I find more time to get them posted!

Here's to the coming Spring - and all that she brings.

xo Isa

1 comment:

vicki archer said...

You do have the prettiest treasures, xv.