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The one thing that is constant is change. The irony isn't lost on me -
nor is the beauty lost on me which unveils throughout the changing of the season -

I love Autumn.

I love everything about it.

Not that we get this sort of dramatic change here in Coastal Southern California --

But there is change. You just have to pay close attention.

The air is crisper, the sky seems bigger, the sun, more gentle, the clouds - amazing.

Change - it feels good. Along with the season, changes are coming here at Greyfreth, too.

The Greyfreth 2010 Autumn Collection begins unfolding October 8 (changed from the 1st).

Come be part of it.

xo Isa

Photos 1 - 7 by Joakim Larken, Photo 8 by me.

1 comment:

vicki archer said...

Hello ISa,

Looking forward to seeing your new collection. I hope all is well in your world...xv