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Restocking, rearranging, reopening on Black Friday! (November 26)

While things have been seemingly quiet around here, behind the curtain has been in full swing. The day that our Fall Collection was put into the showroom, it was completely bought out before it could even get photographed for the online shop. To keep that from happening again with the Holiday collection, we are not doing any 'trickle in' stocking in the showroom nor online -- it will all be unveiled at the same time. Black Friday.

So, back I go to working on the finishing touches on the next (enormous)restock, including the beginnings of the holiday collection (which will be continuously stocking), and will reopen the day after Thanksgiving - Black Friday - November 26 with a showroom and online shop filled to the brim with your old favorites and many, many new and beautiful treasures!

Until then -- Happy Thanksgiving, happy Autumn, happy everything!

xo Isa

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