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The Dreamy World of Faded Silver and Ethereal White...

Pieces from the Night Sea Collection by Isabeau Grey

Queen of the night sky --
the mysterious and lovely moon
spreads her veil of soft silvery light
quietly over the dark sea...

The crests of the waves, the sand on the shore, and the beautiful pearlescent shells take on a magical quality within the ethereal light of the moon.

Evenings at the shoreline turn to night, and still we linger before walking home - not wanting to miss any of the quiet dance of moonlight.

The night sea under a full moon is my latest inspiration in the studio -- white gifts of the sea embellished with chandelier crystals and antique silver that has tarnished beautifully over time - hoping to capture the beauty of sea life down at the shore bathed in soft luminescence under the silvery moon and crystalline stars.

I have begun uploading pieces HERE and will continue through the week.
The Night Sea Collection.

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