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Inbound Treasures...

Slated for the Maison section this week!
Take a peek at a few of the gorgeous things I have for you...

Treasures stacked up in my Studio waiting their turn to be photographed and uploaded into the Maison section.

I have so, so, so much to show you! Things from the Studio... Found pieces, antique mirrors from France... antique industrial gesso molds ... all lovely in the extreme! Can someone please send me some extra hours for each day, there clearly isn't enough for me to get everything done as fast as I would like.

Look for new treats all over the shop later in the week!

All but one of the brand new "Night Sea Collection" pieces sold within 24 hours of listing them - you all amaze me with your love of my artwork, and I cannot express in words just how much I appreciate it. Every sea life piece, every cross bottle I make, I make from my heart, and I truly thank you for all of your kind words and support.

Off I go.

xo Isa

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