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Jewelry With Soul...

As promised, treasures are finally beginning to fill up the empty spaces around here -- today it was our jewelry section that felt the love! We think that you will feel it too when you see some of these amazing pieces of wearable art created from rare, soulful remnants of the past as well as a few gorgeous reproduction pieces --

Take a look at these antique French rosaries .... look at that antique French Notre Dame de Lourdes mother of pearl reliquary.... be still my heart.

or this rare 19th c. Sterling French Ex Voto suspended from dove grey freshwater pearls with Czech glass accents...

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... or this piece made from an ex voto which was part of Marial Congres in 1938. 200,000 people attended this historic religious event in Boulogne sur Mer, France. Heart ex votos, including the one used in this necklace, adorned the Basilica, clinging to the fishing nets in long strings along the walls and tops.

There is so much love and history behind them -- they are such romantic pieces to me. They make my knees go weak! We put up 8 new pieces in the Jewelry Section today and hope that you love them as much as we do.

Tomorrow - we'll start filling in some cross bottles!

xo isa


Blue Creek Home said...

Hi there,
These pieces are stunning!
I am so sorry to hear that you have not been well. God is good and I hope that your strength will return so you can carry on creating for your beautiful shop.
I had some blog trouble in the summer, so I just checked to see if I was still following you and I guess I wasn't since it let me link up again. I am sure any links you had to me were broken also.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

oh my goodness.. I have a soft spot for religious icons also.. and have been collecting rosaries and now have my 1st ex-voto... These are sooo beautiful!!

Gorgeous!!! looking forward to seeing more!! ciao xxx Julie