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Beauty All Around Us....

Happy Friday, all!
While we would like to say that this is what life looks like right now in the land of Greyfreth--
all gorgeous, calm, and lovely...

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It's a really a little more like this right now behind the scenes - lots and lots of juggling.

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We are (and have been) working really hard behind the scenes on so many things (so, so, so many!) needed in order for us to go to the next level that we want to reach. It is so incredibly time consuming, but will be so very worth it in the end. ...all will be revealed soon!  I have also been absolutely BURIED in the studio, and all that I have been making has been going out of here to shops all across the country, and to 2 stores and a resort overseas! - More on all that later! (so much exciting news)

I am almost caught up with my commission work in the studio, it should be another week and then I will be around much more and will be focusing all of my time, attention and heart to Greyfreth. There are so many exciting things happening - I just cannot wait to share all the news and the fruition of all the behind the scenes work with you!

While the online shop has been mostly sold out of everything, and you have been waiting for new things -- your patience is about to be rewarded.  
- and some pretty exciting stuff just around the bend... so stay tuned!

I thank you for your all of your kind emails and Facebook messages checking on me!
I wish you all a lovely weekend, and do check back for new treasures next week!

Until then!
xo isa


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